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Interior Design

Interior Design is a mix of aesthetics and functionality given in the shape of exclusive creativity. Capturing the spirit of customer’s ideas as well as essence of the space is a key to great design.  Bose Interior has the relevant expertise and offers exclusive rich layouts to modern minimalist designs.

Creative concept, budget, preferences all are kept in mind while executing the project. When it comes to creating your dream project we do not compromise at all. Be it an elaborate or simple home or an inspirational office or an incredible commercial space, we make it distinct as per your requirements. Our team has a great sense of designing be it putting each space to use  or having a diligent knowledge they are sure to please you.

Modern Design

Whether you are looking for modern styling or contemporary designs, we have all options that will go well with your preferences. Our modern interiors are harmonized with high end resources that are sourced regularly from various places. We have a mix of contemporary, fusion and modern styles that will suit office or home or commercial spaces.

Commercial Design

Bose Interior has a skilled team that offers modern and traditional commercial building designs for office complexes and more. Our commercial designs are individually tailored to suit customer needs.  Our design experts are capable to create full  design concepts for the whole building or a single space.

We create AutoCAD drawings, good visuals and digital renderings that adds life to your dream venture.

Exterior Design

A home or a commercial space should ideally be visually appealing on the exterior too. There are several ways to accomplish a comparative home exterior which only veteranscan execute. A well designed space has an exterior that is balanced. Do remember that your interior design does have an influence on the exterior as well.  Colour and durability play a major role in space exteriors. Accurate design and plan creates exterior spaces that are functional and utilizes texture, form and special arrangement.

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